Issue with Table - Column Heading Alignment in Obsidian

Issue with Tables heading alignment. Not sure if others are facing the same issue. if there are other threads, pardon me.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve recently come across a strange issue in Obsidian version 1.5.3 (Installer Version also 1.5.3). In my tables, the heading of the third column is always left-aligned, while the other headings are centered. This happens even though I haven’t used any specific markdown syntax for aligning them to the center, left, or right.

I’ve tried using the advanced tables feature, which does center the headings, but the overall appearance isn’t right. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Things I have tried

Advanced Tables, Adding syntax

It’s seems like you’ve got some extra CSS triggering that alignment. Do you have anything in your cssclasses property in that file? Do you see the same behavior if you switch of any CSS snippets in Settings > Appearance > CSS Snippets ? Do you see the same behavior if you switch to the default theme?

If the answer to either of these are “No”, then you’ve got your culprit right there, and you know where to look for the fix.

Thank you. I checked it. It was The Vicious Theme which has this issue.

HeHe… I’m somewhat not surprised that a vicious theme caused vicious things too happen… :smiley:

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