Issue with Persisting Filters in Graph View After Using Bookmarks


I’ve encountered a problem with the Graph View in Obsidian that’s affecting my workflow, and I’m hoping for some guidance or a potential solution. Here’s a breakdown of the issue:

  1. I adjusted the filters in the Graph View to focus on specific parts of my notes and then bookmarked this filtered view for future reference.
  2. After bookmarking, whenever I attempt to open the main Graph View in Obsidian, it defaults to showing the previously bookmarked, filtered view instead of the full, unfiltered graph.
  3. To return to the complete Graph View, I find myself having to manually clear all the previously applied filters each time.
  4. This behavior persists even after restarting Obsidian, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to reset the Graph View to its default state without manually removing filters.

Is there a way to open the main Graph View in its default, unfiltered state directly, or to prevent the bookmarked filters from automatically applying to the Graph View every time it’s opened? Any advice or solutions to address this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.