Issue with pandoc-plugin

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Hello there,
I want to use the pandoc-plugin to simplify my workflow. Mainly converting MD into PDF through LaTex.
If I run the plugin on a basic MD file (consider a file with just a single sentence without any syntactical structure, just plain text) with the following extra pandoc arguments

–bibliography “/home/username/my_library.bib”

it gives to me

Pandoc export failed: File “/home/username/my_library.bib” not found in resource path.

What does resource path is by default? Why it doesn’t see my bibtex file even if I specified the whole path?

In addition, even I remove all the extra pandoc arguments and it returns to me

Pandoc export failed: pdflatex not found. Please select a different --pdf-engine or install pdflatex.

Despite this pdf latex is correctly installed on my machine because if I run pandoc in the terminal it works properly and I have specified the path to pdlatex into the PDFLaTeX path setting. I set it as the output the terminal command

whereis pdflatex

Why it doesn’t work? Even on basic MD files?

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