Issue with Pandoc Plugin for Word Export in Obsidia

Hello Obsidian Community,

This is my first post, and I’m still getting the hang of things here. I’m encountering a problem with the Pandoc plugin while attempting to export to Word (docx). Although this topic has already been discussed in the forum, I’m not making much headway in understanding the solution. I’ve installed the plugin in Obsidian and set up Pandoc on my Windows computer. When I initiate the export, I receive a message, but it’s immediately followed by an error message.


I’m trying to figure out where I might be going wrong.

Could someone please explain this to me in simple terms, possibly with screenshots? Pictures often convey more than words. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @thinkWOOD, welcome to the community!

I noticed one issue that could be the culprit: Your CSL file link is wrong. This is a common mistake. The link you need is this one:

Notice the raw at the start of the link. To get to this correct link, you need to press the similarly named raw button found in the link you used before.

Secondarily, are you sure the bibliography path is correct? You’ve only provided the file name. This only works if the bibliography file is in the same directory as your markdown file. If not, you need to provide the full path to the bibliography file.

Hello @Feralflora

Thank you very much for the tips. It turns out the bibliography path and the export folder were indeed incorrect. I also replaced the CSL link, and now everything is working. However, I have one more question: What do I need to configure so that the links to the images are displayed as actual images in the Word file, and not just the file path?

Thank you!

Hi again @thinkWOOD,

I’m glad you could get it working. Just to eliminate any ambiguity, since you only confirmed issues with your paths, there was 100% an issue with your CSL link too.

For future reference, mark topics as solved, and then post new unrelated questions as new topics. This ensures that:

  • It’s clear what has been resolved, and where solutions can be found.
  • The forum is more searchable so others can find issues and solutions.
  • You get the help you need, because others see your new issue.

But since you already asked, let’s just address it here:

  1. You need to specify your resources path with an argument. This tells Pandoc where to look for your images.

You need an argument like:

--resource-path .;C:User/Vault/Attachment-folder

Where you replace “C:User/Vault/Attachment-folder” with your actual absolute attachment folder path. . represents your working directory, and ; is just a separator between different paths (use : on Mac and Linux).

Alternatively, instead of separating paths by a separator, you can chain multiple --resource-path arguments, one after the other.

  1. You need to a) convert the links to markdown links first using a plugin like Links, or b), add the wikilinks_title_after_pipe extension to the markdown format in the from statement to enable support for wikilinks.

Hello @Feralflora,
I have retested the CSL link, and you were right, there is also an issue with that. Please excuse me for combining two different questions in one post; it makes sense to have one question per post.

Nevertheless, your latest tip worked right away. Thank you very much for that. My conclusion is that setting up Pandoc may not be entirely straightforward, but the effort is definitely worthwhile given the results.

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