Issue with Obsidian Calendar Plugin: Daily Notes Not Opening & Missing Word Count Dots

What I’m trying to do

I am utilizing the Obsidian Calendar plugin by Liam Cain, aiming for smooth integration with my daily notes workflow. My objective is for the calendar to open an existing daily note when I click on a date, and to display dots on dates in the calendar based on word count within each note.


  • When I select a date on the calendar where a note already exists, instead of opening the existing note, it prompts me to create a new one. Accepting this prompt results in an error message stating that it is unable to create a new note.
  • The feature that is supposed to show dots on the calendar for days based on the word count is not functioning.

Attached is a picture for reference which shows the directory that consists of the daily notes, and the calendar widget that isn’t working.

Things I have done:

I have consulted the plugin’s GitHub documentation and forums without finding a solution that addresses these specific issues. Can someone help me with this issue?

I think both problems are the result of Calendar not recognizing your daily notes. I don’t see any obvious reason why that would be. You could try changing the name format to the default to see if that helps, or you could try the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide: About the Bug reports category - #11 by system (since you’re testing a plugin you’ll obviously need to leave that one enabled).

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I do believe your issues are related to the date not being understood by the plugin. So either you’d need to introduce the date into the file title using YYYY-MM-DD format, or insert the date in that format into the file as the date property.

You could try manually changing a few of your files to see if either (or both) of these tips apply to your case.

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Hey @holroy @CawlinTeffid, you guys are right, it’s the date format that is the problem here. I have found a fix for my issue based on your answers, thanks a lot. Also sorry for the late response.

After pinpointing the problem, I have found an issue on the GitHub repo that talks about a similar problem to which it was responded with a date scheme the plugin uses.

So the DDDo in my date format wouldn’t be recognized by the plugin based on the mapping mentioned in the issue comment. Also, I am not sure why I added DDDo in my date format, I wanted to add Do, a minor error on my part as well.

One more thing to ponder is Obsidian also uses moment.js library and in its format specification DDDo is present as given below. So why does the plugin which also use moment.js fail to parse this?

It’s not a matter of what it’s capable of parsing, but what it expects, if I’m not mistaken. No plugin are capable of translating a “random” date format, there are just too many options for that to happen. So most plugins tend to work with the ISO 8601 format of YYYY-MM-DD.

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