Issue with iOS App + Working Copy

I have had issues with iCloud syncing in the past, so I ponied up the money for Working Copy in order to “sync” my vault using Git.

My issue is that it seems that, randomly, some files are just not accessible in Obsidian. Here is an example.

This is what the file structure looks like on GitHub:

Here is where it is in Working Copy, showing the file just where it should be:

But, when I go to make edits in Obsidian, the file is just not there.

It’s not just that file, either. It’s many different files, but I cannot see any similarities. Has anyone had a similar problem? Does anyone have any advice?

If you edit a file in Obsidian on iOS, do the changes show up in Working Copy?

I think I had this problem at one point, and I think it was because Working Copy wasn’t syncing with the correct iCloud folder. If memory serves, I think I had to delete the repo and re-link it to the Obsidian iCloud folder.

I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said, but if you try deleting and relinking, make sure you have backups first! Wouldn’t want you to accidentally lose anything.

Thanks for the info! I checked into the files, and they were definitely linking correctly.

What I ended up doing was just closing the vault and reopening it, and that seems to have fixed the problem… at least for now!

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