Issue: Link in page B does not lead to structure page A. Notification: "File already exists"

Dear All,

In case you may be interested, some context about this new Obsidian user and potential contributor (as soon as I find out how this all works) farther below. The actual question:

Why does my link not work?

My process

  • Make note A ("## Structure note")
  • Make note B (“IUD Titel”)
  • In note B, I create a link to note A
  • Clicking on the link to Note A, the notification ''File already exists." pops up.
  • Note A is not opened.

After a first day of using and growing my understanding of Obsidian, I am humbled and inspired by the community, its activities, and speed you seem to work with.

Your insights have already been invaluable to me as my note taking system (in Notion) has become rather chaotic and rigid. So far, I think Notion and Todoist may remain to be useful for my project management. However, I find myself being distracted often, and lately it feels like I have been creating more meta-data and coverpages than output that I (and my university) really value.

Obsidian marks the start of what truly feels like an adventure that has just started and I look forward to creating and sharing knowledge with you all.

All the best,


Is the filename containing ##?
Because at the moment we don’t support # as character in the filename.

It was indeed containing ##, switching to !! solved it.

Thank you!