Isolate graphs by vaults

there is a reason i decided not to dump all my info into one folder…
give me a button to select which vault’s graph to display.
or, let me move each graph faa…r far away from each other without messing with the forces.

or, please spit on my dumba** for not reading this in the tutorial, and teach me how to enable that function.

you can filter the graph using the same syntax as search

sorry i don’t understand :frowning:
if i use filter-search, it narrows the graph down to the elements linked to that search term.
but it still shows all the elements under that search term from other vaults as well.
i’t’s not like i don’t understand the need & importance of this functionality.
There are times where i only want to focus on one vault and get it over with. before i move on to the next.

The graph is related to vault you have open. If by other vaults you mean sub-directories, you can totally filter to show only a subdirectory.

lemme try.

read the included documentation.

thanx a lot, i was able to do it,
it was right there, soo easy to figure out, or even lookup.
OMFG, i’m a idiot, kill me. just how can a person be.
again, thank you for the assist, :pray:
but, it still could be easier. breaking by workflow to open a folder as a vault is not as easy as smooth a clicking 2 buttons to isolare knowledge graphs by vaults.