Is window tranparency/translucent setting adjustable in CSS?

Sorry if this has been addressed but I haven’t been able to find it – can we address the new “translucent” plugin in our CSS sheet and adjust the amount of translucency, down to about 1% if desired? I’d like to see my editing window almost completely transparent.

I don’t know, not having examined the CSS myself. And always having translucence switched off.
But I’m sure I remember seeing instructions to change the translucence setting in the CSS.

@moderators Anyone else able to shed some light on the subject? I’m happy to do some digging, just point me in the right direction. Haven’t been able to find the documentation yet and no one on the discord server seemed to know either. Thanks in advance.

Do a Discord search for translucence or translucency or translucent

I believe there is a CSS variable you can override:

--opacity-translucency: .01
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Thanks, I tried that and it seems to only work on the overall app as a unit, fading both the background and the foreground text. I tried that string in the theme container but that doesn’t seem to work. Current background color is rgba(15, 20, 25, 0.3) but the transparency number doesn’t seem to have an effect. Guess it’s just not possible at this time.

Feel free to make a #feature-requests

Like this user, I wanted to show my main window clearly when in the settings window, as many of the settings change the view of the primary window the moment you change the setting. As such, having the outside area around the settings window that does nothing but cover it to look cool (I guess)- is not very productive for a program all about efficiency.
I use a custom dark theme, so likely yours will reside in the same spot. I changed the following line in my theme’s CSS file, a few folders into the vault directory (in “My Documents/Obsidian” by def for windows users):

--background-modifier-cover: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8); 
--background-modifier-cover: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.0);

If you want to adjust the actual settings window’s transparency from its current 100% opaqueness:
Find this line in the same file. This is the line we will REPLACE

--background-primary: var(--whatever_color_is_here-##);

Now search for the color that is there, elsewhere in the file. For instance, mine said

--gray-dark-85: rgb(30, 30, 30);

So I take those color numbers (30,30,30) and put them into this new line that REPLACES the above line. This is the same color function, but adding an alpha variable.
So here I plug in my 30’s from above to form this:

--background-primary: rgba(30, 30, 30, 0.5);

Change 0.5 closer to 0.0 for more clear or 1.0 for less clear (the default).

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