Is wildcard Supported In Obsidian Search

I tried to make a list of all my tags by making a query block inside my note, but noticed I can’t figure out how to get that as a result.


The problem that made me to make that list in the first place was that I wanted to make sure that certain tags remain as a class even though there is not an actual example of them in my notes any longer. Like when I read every clipping I have but still want #stage/unread to exist.
I understand that these are two separate issues, but I thought they are miner and could be place in a single thread since they are related for me.

No wildcard that I know of. Maybe try:


or regex, something like: (edit: fixed)


Edit: Oh, right, I’m being dumb. Regex is the method for wildcard searching: /([A-Za-z0-9])/ should search any alphanumeric character.

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This was very interesting. One handy feature of searching I didn’t know

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Thank you for the suggestion! However, this is not working for me on the search function of the note itself. It gives me no results. Do you have a suggestion of what I should try?


Regex is not currently supported for find in page functions, so this won’t work at the moment. See Regex functionality for find and replace within obsidian.

I’d suggest opening the note in something like VS Code to do these kinds of workflows for now!