Is this possible in Obsidian?

So i am sort of new to Obsidian and i am trying to set up an environment for my world building project.
I have messed around with dataview ( created some nice tables etc. ) but i need a more organized and streamlined way of doing things so i googled around and i found this:

Now what i am unsure how to implement is the different views/tables that query the status of the different components ( like series, projects, chapters, characters ).
Can this workflow be replicated somehow in obsidian ? I looked at Kanban, but no way to automatically query with dataview to put cards in appropriate places and i want to avoid having to create cards that will translate to different types of entries manually.

Any help would be appreciated as in hints on how can i achieve the functionality in the video.

Thanks in advance!

Did not watch or look into the video, sorry.

When you said Kanban, instantly this plus this possible implementation method occurred to me. DataView inside Canvas cards.
Brace yourself, though.

EDIT: Corrected the links.

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I will watch, thanks!

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