Is there Subpages in Obsidian? Like in Roam Research and Logseq?

[[Language/Korean]] , [[Language/English]] …
I can’t figure out how to create Subpage in Obsidian?
For example in RoamResearch or Logseq it can be done , but in Obsidian i can’t find out…
Is it possible? :nerd_face:

I’m not sure what a subpage is but it sounds like you’re trying to link a section of a page. You type [[ and the name of your page, and then # or ^ for the section. Like [[Languages#English]]

Subpages automatically create backlinks.
In example of [[Language/English]] there will be backlinks in [[Language]] page created automatically if i create [[Language/English]]

Obsidian does not automatically create backlinks between notes in the note content.

The backlinks pane lists notes that link to the note you’re currently reading. If you keep the backlinks pane open, then you will have functionality similar to what you describe.

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