Is there really no shortcut for highlighting text?

Things I have tried: ==highlight==

What I’m trying to do

I’m still testing out this software and need to mark up articles fast: highlights, bold, italics, keywords, pages, etc.

Using the == between sentences is really time consuming and confusing sometimes as whole paragraph highlights until you put in the final ==.

Is there no keyboard shortcut? According to the couple posts I saw, there isn’t. In Roam, it’s quite easy to mark up your text, also because there are not edit/preview modes. Also being able to do some formatting in preview mode would be helpful. (hopefully these will both be solved w/ WYSIWYG)…

When is WYSIWYG slated to come out?

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Edit. I figured out that you can highlight the block of text and then hit == and that section will be highlighted—a huge relief, but still, being able to do some formatting like highlighting, bolding, italics in preview mode would be so much easier on the eyes. :wink:

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in Obsidian settings, you can assign shortcuts to many different actions.
Among them there is also “Highlight selection”.

After setting up your shortcut, you can select text in the editor and then press your chosen key combination to highlight it automatically.


cool, didn’t see that. will check it out… the highlight and hit == is workable too. cheers.