Is There or Isn't There Supposed to be Word Count on Mobile?

I’m using the latest mobile version 1.3.0 (63) API 0.15.6.

Word Count, under Core plugins, is ON.

I’m using the default theme.

There is no word count visible anywhere.

The plugin preference states, “Show Word Count in Status Bar,” but I have no visible status bar anywhere. I do not see Word Count in the Tool Bar (or anywhere else).

I see two references here that say Word Count is available in the 3dot extra Menu but there is not. I’ve deleted the app and re-installed. I’ve toggled the plugin. I’ve tried a different theme.

Word count is pretty basic and important. It is frustrating to see info in docs and the forum that makes me think word count should be somewhere in the mobile app when the reality appears to be the opposite.

What gives?

on mobile it’s in the right sidebar on top


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