Is there anyway to merge cells in a table?

What I’m trying to do

I just simply want to have merged cells in a table. Basically the same functionality as Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Even if there is a way to do it with coding I’m fine to try that. Just so far I haven’t found a way to actually do it. And all of the addons I’ve tried did not work. Is this just simply not possible in Obsidian?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried using table extended but could not get it to convert to a table at all. I even copied the example text and made sure any other table addons were disabled. Still didn’t work.

Tried obsidian any block and couldn’t get it to work either. Again, had all other table addons disabled but it never converted to the actual formatted example.

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I see an issue on Table Extended, that says it doesn’t work, because Obsidian requires a blank space. But Table Extended requires a -tx-

There are at least two open issues from a month ago saying it isn’t working right now.

There is a link with unsupported experimental syntax that doesn’t require that line: GitHub - aidenlx/table-extended: Extend basic table in Obsidian with MultiMarkdown table syntax

But for issues with the plugin, you could try reading the existing Github issues, or post your own issue to politely request support.

I have found a way to merge cells both columns and rows in obsidian.
We can make tables using HTML & CSS. Cells of tables made with HTML can be merged with your text for rows and

your text for columns. i haven't found any community plugin to make the process easier. But I have found a way to make the process a little easier, we can make a table in excel and paste it in this site this will convert our table to HTML but it removes merged cells so we have to manually add the merge part wherever we want to merge.

Here is the result:


The result will be clear only in reading mode or after it is exported.

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