Is there anyway to format multiple paragraphs as blockquote at once?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried to find a hotkey in Obsidna Help and searched in the forum, but didn’t find any reference about this.

What I’m trying to do

I want to format selected texts of multiple paragraphs as blockquote in markdown through a command or shortcut, because manually adding > prefix before each line is a huge hassle.

This is a common need when collecting informations from the web and copying quotes to the notes I’m writing.

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Well, if you have different paragraphs separated by blank lines, you can simply add > at the beginning of blank lines to have a one huge blockquote.



with this code:

> Example
> Example

Thanks for reply, maybe I didn’t make it clear, I want to have a more convenient way to achieve this, like a hotkey or a command, so that I won’t bother adding the prefixes line by line.

I’ve updated the post to make it more accurate.

Try holding down the alt key while selecting each block and then typing the desired marker (e.g., - or >) once. This will put it in all places. You still have to select each block, but it’s better than doing it manually block by block.

The hotkeys++ plugin has a hotkey for this

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