Is there anyway to activate obsidian system globallly by some hotkey?

I’m trying to open/hide Obsidian from anywhere in Mac by some hotkeys while it is launched. But I can’t find any shortcuts to do that in settings.


Here are the global hot-keys to accomplish your goal (on a Mac):

  • Command-H : Hide all windows of the front app (ex: Obsidian).

  • Command-Option-H - Keep windows of the front app but hide all other apps (ex: hide Obsidian while using another app).

Then, to reopen Obsidian, use Command-Tab to select the icon, and it will automatically appear in front.

Does that work for you?

thank you, it does accomplish my goal anyway, but it is not exactly what I am looking for.
I thought there might be something like " command + shift + O " combination,then Obsidian jumps out ; )

For that, you can use Spotlight:

  1. Hit “Command-Spacebar
  2. Start typing “Obsidian”

Obsidian will quickly appear as the top option >> press Return.

There is a “Global hotkeys” plugin which do the trick.

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yes, that also works. I think I’m still going to have a try this “Global hotkeys” plugin later :wink:

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that’s exactly what im looking for , thanks

Alfred might help, and does lots more besides. Ditto Drafts. But an Obsidian Inbox feature would be useful.

If you’re on a mac, I recommend BetterTouchTool. It will solve that and a hundred other problems. Get the lifetime license (discount should be coming up soon for Black Friday) or get it as part of the Setapp subscription, which I also recommend (discount on StackSocial should be coming up soon for Black Friday).

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