Is there anyway obsidian can automatically embed & list backlinks in my notes?

for example, i have a journal moc note that i link all of my daily notes into, and i’d like it to list all of the dailies that i’ve linked to this journal note automatically. i know i could probably just access the backlinks pane, and it would work just fine, but that just feels pretty unintuitive.

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As of v0.9.3

“When using global search, you can now copy the search results file list. This can be optionally formatted as wikilinks and/or as lists.”

I will return and edit if this is wrong, but I am pretty sure you can search using the following assuming your note is named “my note”:

content: [[my note]]

And then use the new awesome feature described at top. It is a button icon that looks like two files in the search pane.

I only wish this was around a little earlier on, when I was regularly needing it a lot. I am sure I will be needing it in future projects, but just seeing your post is bringing back memories. I had quite a slow and annoying process for accomplishing it using OCR on screenshots of backlink pane list then using a find and replace to append the double brackets on each entry. See here Copy page links from Tag and Backlinks Panes to clipboard

Hope I got it right and that it helps you.

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Have a look at this post - is this what you’re asking for?

I haven’t gone through the whole thread as this feature is currently not very important for me, but I think that might come close to what you are looking for.

edit: I linked the wrong post first - has been corrected. But I haven’t read all the following discussions, so maybe some adaptations could be necessary…

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I think this tool can help you list out your dailies (provided that you can have [[link]] or unique keywords to search)
And you can refresh the list by rerun the function.

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oh, heck! this is probably exactly what i need! i’ll try this out later, thank you so much!