Is There Any Way to Query YAML other than Embedded Dataview Searches?

I’m using a few custom fields in the YAML area at the top of a sheet. I can query it just fine with Dataview but I cannot see any way to select notes in a search using YAML data fields in a temporary search run from the standard search pane. This suggestion leads me to think it’s not possible to query YAML fields: Search operators for YAML metadata But I want to verify–is there any way to access YAML data in the normal search?


Can you explain it in more detail?

I created a tag “crazy-tag” in the frontmatter and searched for it and it has been found.

Code in my Notepad file:

crazy-tag: damn-crazy

Yes, if I search it can find the text in the note. What I was trying to do is an intelligent search. For example, the way you can search tag:test you could search, in your example, crazy-tag:value along with other search parameters. Similar to the way you can with an embedded DataView query. It seems however that Obsidian doesn’t allow custom yaml fields to be used as search parameters other than searching by text just as it would any other text.

I’m sorry I wouldn’t know. I don’t use the search that extensively like you do

I was trying to do the same things like source or template etc. I would have assumed this would have been possible but it sounds like this is not possible at this time. Is there a way to make a feature request of this?

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