Is there any way to organise items fetched using Dataview?

Is there any simple way of organising items fetched using Dataview?

For example, if I’m fetching project notes using a Dataview query, can I somehow organise those notes in the query note itself by priority?

I know I could probably add attributes to each note to organise them, though ideally I want to avoid adding attributes to each note as I feel like that could become quite a time-consuming process. I also don’t want those remnants left in my notes when I’m no longer using them in the main note.

Ideally I would like to have some sort of board view that only exists on the note that’s pulling them in, not affecting any of the other notes, being able to categorise them and sort them.

Has anyone managed to achieve something like this? Maybe there’s another plug-in which can help do this.


According to what properties would you like to organize your notes ?

You can always order your rows alphabetically by the file name:


In general, you could manipulate the file name to extract the information you want and order your rows accordingly, using dataview string functions.