Is there any way to make having Onedrive and Obsidian Sync safe?

I have been using Obsidian for personal and work, but have some concerns regarding my current setup. At work our entire computers are synced with Onedrive and we don’t have the ability to disable this.

While we can also use the same onedrive account on our personal computer I prefer not to because that would apply additional restrictions on my personal device, so I have also been using obsidian sync.

My assumption is that the sync conflicts and corruption could occur as a result of Onedrive trying to offline files, so I was hoping that I could just set the obsidian folder to never offline itself.

I just wanted to confirm if this was actually the case and I was safe, or if this is still ill advised?

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I’ve seen this answer on the forum before and I’m re-using it:
“You’ve answered your own question.”

Alternatively, you can use FreeFileSync to mirror your files from your Obsidian synced folder to the OneDrive folder should you want to try using your vault at work. FFS is not automatic sync (by default), though.
Then you could test how it works. If it corrupts files, no issues, because you set FFS for one-way mirroring/sync, not two-way (and the sync is user-initiated anyway).
But you’re probably not going to do this.


If OneDrive is only only handling vault changes on a single device, you can use Sync with it. It’s when they compete to sync the same changes from one device to another that trouble happens.

It would probably also be good to make sure your employer is OK with you using Sync. It would be understandable if they didn’t want employees syncing onto their devices from unrestricted personal devices.


While you would think that, I’ve set OneDrive folders to “never offline themselves”, but this setting occasionally gets forgotten, gets paused/changed/forgotten when OneDrive updates itself, when you add new files, etc. YMMV.

As Cawlin said, if you only have your Obsidian Synced vault in one OneDrive location, it should be alright, but I’d be hesitant because of the above.

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Oh yeah, the files need to be fully on the device.

Ah yes good point. The only thing I sync is my personal vault I never bothered with the work one since it goes to onedrive anyway.

I actually was reminded by my wife that thumb drives aren’t really frowned on so I think I’m just going to grab one from a junk drawer at home and move my personal vault to that. I also like the idea of just not having my personal vault on my work computer at all anyway.

I’m always baffled by employers who allow thumb drives. Potential source of any number of baddies and data exits.

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