Is there any way to cycle through more bullet markers?

What I’m trying to do

I would like to cycle trought more bullet markers when using this (or any other shortcut).

Let’s say I have a CSS with all these markers:

  • Unchecked
  • [/] In Progress
  • [?] Need More Info
  • [>] Scheduled / Deferred / Delegated
  • [!] Important
  • Completed

I want to go by each of these by pressing a key combination.

More about the possible markers at:

Things I have tried

Using Introduction - Tasks User Guide - Obsidian Publish
But, is too much, for just what I want.
And requires opening the Tasks popup to select from a dropdown the possible markers.

What I want

I just want to be able to cycle through more options than just -, - [ ], - [x].


I’ve only seen a few variants to handle this, and that is either to manually change it through editing, using the possibilities offered by Tasks plugin (see here), or crafting something on your own using something like QuickAdd.

I’ve opted for the latter variant, and built my self a custom menu to add task with/without status changes and/or inline fields. Very much a personalized solution. :slight_smile:

I think that using Tasks, and possibly assigning a hothey to the toggle task done command could be your best option. Or right-click on the task status field, and select the “correct” status.

Thank you @holroy for your reply.

Regarding the proposed options:

Regarding QuickAdd, could you be so kind to share with me how you implemented the solution?

“Task Collector” plugin has this command. You add all the symbols you want to use, and it cycles through them.

Tasks also allows you to set the ‘next’ status for each status, so that, for example, if you have a task with the status [!] then ticking it will change the status to [:], or whatever you decide - not sure if this will be flexible enough for you.

Try the ToggleList plugin. It directly targets what you want to do without the extra features of Task Collector.

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ToggleList is exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you everyone for your ideas and suggestions.

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