Is there any way I can make this dataview query work with a space?

So I have properties in my character lists like Siblings and Extended Family. When I want to reference these properties in another note, I can write

$= dv.pages('"John"').siblings

and it works, showing me the Siblings property from the John note. But Extended Family has a space in it and it doesn’t work.

$= dv.pages('"John"').extended family

Is there anyway to format it to make it works, or should I rename Extended Family to something like Extended_Family?


$= dv.pages('"John"').extended%20family
$= dv.pages('"John"').extended-family

try ["extended family"] instead of .extended family

Hah! But $= dv.pages('"John"')["extended-family"] did work! Needed the dash :slight_smile:

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