Is there any method to create jump link within the same page

I wanna to create some jump anchors that can go to another position within the same page when clicking on it.

other than block ref, is there any other lightweight solution. because the block ref preview mode occupy too much space of the screen

It would be better if I can jump back to the previous position from the linked one.

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@zeddxt If you are creating your notes using the Templater plugin, you might find the following content pasted from the documentation interesting:

tp.file.cursor(order?: number)

Sets the cursor to this location after the template has been inserted.

You can navigate between the different tp.file.cursor using the configured hotkey in obsidian settings.


order: The order of the different cursors jump, e.g. it will jump from 1 to 2 to 3, and so on. If you specify multiple tp.file.cursor with the same order, the editor will switch to multi-cursor.

I am not sure this helps you specifically with what you are doing now, but it could be pretty helpful at a later date. To be clear, within the template, you would add something like this <% tp.file.cursor(1) %> to specify a location.

Good luck!

Edit: I also think you could just use links to blocks or headings. But maybe I am not understanding your use case. Perhaps, you might just need to remove the ! before the [[ so that it is simply a link instead of an embed.

in Line linking is a basic Markdown function. You just need to define the anchors. You can search the web for many examples. I found one here :multimarkdown - How to link to part of the same document in Markdown? - Stack Overflow

To link to a heading in the page: [[#Heading name]].

(In more-widely-compatible Markdown: [Text](#Heading%20name), but see @BarryPorter13’s link for possible formatting restrictions (Github, for example, requires a more restrictive format.)

Here is a great you tube explanation of Basic Markdown that covers jump links

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