Is there any easy way to use drawing tab to navigate around obsidian vault

I am using obsidian for a long time
but recently I buy a new drawing tab (XP pen deco v2) and trying to use it with obsidian
but is ts hard to navigate every time when I need to scroll I have to grab scroll bar on the side, and it’s not that easy when working on my laptop or pc
so I am asking you guys if anyone have same problem as me ?
If yes, how you’re dealing with it
Suggestion= may be a plugin like scroll anyway extension with mid-mouse just like I use in chrome
or may be something new
what do you guys think ?

Would reprogramming the pen buttons to “Scroll up” and “Scroll down” as shown in this video at 6:58 help?

You could also adjust the mobile keyboard: items shown, adding additional commands

I also use the Commander plugin to customize my setup further…


PS: If you have an Android device …

Using keyboard shortcuts on Android phone/tablet without a physical keyboard:

Install Hacker’s Keyboard

In Settings enable Use permanent notification
Normally a keyboard only activates in an input area, but now one can just click the permanent “Show Hacker’s Keyboard” notification - and use all the useful shortcuts including Hotkeys.

In Settings you can also enable “Gesture and Key actions” to use left/right swipe OR volume up/down to change keyboard size quickly.


Picture of “Show Hacker’s Keyboard” in my notifications dropdown.

[“Hacker’s Keyboard” has to be the active keyboard for the “Show Hacker’s Keyboard” to work.]

I’ve implemented Fold all headings and lists as ALT+Left Arrow

Picture shows ALT key pressed

Picture shows everything folded after ALT+Left Arrow pressed


PS: How to Use Hacker’s Keyboard

Thanks for idea but i dont want to change my pen button they are already set on right and mid-click for my other software and there is no option for set button for different software

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