Is there an Obsidian trash folder?

Things I have tried

I’m on a MacBook. I looked in the Apple trash folder and didn’t find what I was looking for.

What I’m trying to do

I accidentally deleted a file I want to keep. Wondering if there’s a way to restore files deleted in Obsidian.

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Yes, go to your preferences, and check the setting, “Files & Links → Deleted files”.

If you have it set to “Obsidian trash”, you can find it under your YourVaultName/.trash

That folder is hidden by default. If you can’t find it, you can view hidden dot files by hitting Cmd-Shift-. or use Cmd-Shift-G and type that path in.

If you have it set to “Permanently delete”, I don’t personally know. It might be gone. Or you might be able to use the “File recovery” plugin.


Thanks. It was set on system folder. I checked that on my MacBook but didn’t find the file. I may have deleted it on my iPad. Don’t know where system trash is on that.

Not a terrible problem. It’s an easily recreated file.

I’ve changed it to Obsidian trash folder. That way it’ll be accessible on my mobile devices.

Thanks again.

Obsidian trash is probably the best, but just a heads up: you can’t view (or restore) your Obsidian .trash folder easily from within Obsidian or the on iOS/iPadOS.

Apple makes it very inconvenient to view/edit/etc hidden folders and files on iOS/iPadOS. I’ve read Working Copy can view hidden folders, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Thanks for the heads up. I surely wish Apple could come up with a solution to security that was less crippling to its devices. I once bought an android table just to see if I could get Vim working on a mobile device. No problem. Even got a replacement keyboard that restored the missing keys. If only it was possible on Apple devices.

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