Is there an obsidian plugin where you can hide specific words in the middle of the text, and then unhide it again

Things I have tried

I did find a link -

However, as someone who has very little knowledge about computer science, I have no idea how to make use of it.

What I’m trying to do

The feature that I am looking for , is almost identical to the cloze deletion feature in Anki.
The feature is useful for testing yourself about specific facts.

Genes NOD2/CARD15 in chromosome
16q12 has got strong association with Crohn‘s disease.

Now, I would like a feature, which hides the words NOD2/CARD15 , and when I click on it (or any other kind of input) it unhides again.

Testing yourself is great for memory retention, opposed to passive reading , so this feature would be great for learning.

I don’t know of any plugin that does only this. However, there are many spaced repetition plugins for Obsidian that can help you doing what you are looking for. This spaced repetition plugin is less complicated to use. Check it out.

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