Is there an easy to way to have a set of questions and answers in a note?

I take my literature notes in the form of questions and answers. Is there any way to mark them as question and answer so that I can apply different formatting? As of now, I am using a unordered-list-item for this.

And is there any way to hide the answer till I click on it to view? I have read somewhere list folding is supported, but could not figure out whether it would be applicable for my scenario.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Nothing by default. You can use HTML and CSS to customize pretty much anything, though.

I would try list folding to see if it would work. It’s easier than someone else trying to guess at it for you!


Thanks Ryan. After seeing your answer, I had tried to look through my setting to see whether folding is there - whether in plugins or in some settings. I have found it and tried it. Let me see how I can use this feature. Thanks again for the answer.

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Maybe this plugin will help you

dorisxx/Obsidian-simple-note-quiz (

You are experienced with the @dorisxx plugin. I tried to use it but I don’t understand how it works.

In the first example shown on GitHub I deduced that you can create a multiple choice question, where only one answer is correct.

The modal to manage the answers shows all the options but does not allow you to select one of them, but allows you to select only the “correct” or “wrong” buttons. What am I missing?

Using callouts for this should help. The help article shows how to use it including having it folded by default.