Is there an easier way to name links?

I’ve searched settings, docs and forum for a few days now. Also asked on discord a couple times but so far haven’t found anything that would alleviate the problem in any way.

In my native language there are 7 noun cases. When writing notes I want to use the cases that conform to that particular sentence which often is not exactly the name of note I want to link to. Also sometimes it’s a different word or words altogether.

English example could be - if I had a person note called “John Doe” and I want to refer to him as “John”, “Johns”, “his”, “him”, “he” and “Johnny”. I can format my link as [Johnny](John Doe) (yes, I’m using markdown links instead of wiki links) which is fine for a few links. However if I have to write [[John D, hit Enter and then go back to the square brackets to change [John Doe] to [he] multiple times in every paragraph, it becomes tedious and annoying.

Aliases in YAML frontmatter are helping to some extent. But unfortunately I can’t predict all possible future names for that particular note. It might be doable with notes named by single word, but once I have multiple words with adjectives, pronouns and sometimes verbs - it seems impossible.

So what I’d like to have is a plugin or something that selects the part in square brackets immediately after creating a link instead of putting cursor at the end. Would allow me to change the link name easily enough (or not change it - whatever the case may be), hit “End” and continue writing.

Some sort of possibility to add current link name to aliases of a linked note would be helpful too.

Is there something like that out there? Or perhaps a setting that has eluded me so far?


Try the plugin Obsidian Better Internal Link Inserter.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately it seems that this plugin does not play well with markdown links. It might be fine with wikilings, but for markdown it still creates the link with default name (or a respective alias) even if the initial text was different.

There is a plugin called Obsidian Link Converter that could help switch to Markdown links. It allows for hotkeys to switch between wiki and Markdown link styles in the active file, a specific folder, or the entire vault.

Press TAB instead of Enter. It will put you at the end of the link name inside the square brackets, then just add a | and your desired text.

I have that extension, but I’m not looking to switch between link types. I just want to conveniently [re]name links.

This seems to work nicely… however - only on wiki links. For markdown links it’s the same result - no matter if I press Enter or Tab.

Any idea how to make something like that work for Markdown links?

Why wouldn’t you want wiki links? They are the ones that are auto populated with your note names as per your example in the original question.

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You seemed to use auto-complete to create wiki links and then change them into markdown links. That is why I suggested the link converter.

If you are typing Markdown links, what is needed is a name for the link in the square brackets and the note path in the parenthesis. The name can be anything; getting the note path correct matters. As you have [Johnny](John Doe), you can type anything for Johnny, and the markdown link will work. Obsidian doesn’t suggest anything for Markdown links like wiki links, though.

Because of incompatibility with another piece of software I am using. I probably could extend it but it wouldn’t be fast or easy.

The example in my original question is not specific to wiki links.

This is how I am forming markdown links (new empty vault, no plugins):

No matter if I press Enter or Tab - cursor always stays at the end of a link. Ideal solution would be if after pressing Enter, it’d select the display name part, like so:

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