Is there an easier way to create notes within a folder?

Things I have tried

  • Reading and searching in the official documentation
  • Searching in this forum
  • Searching the contributed plugins

What I’m trying to do

At present, the only way I know to add a note to a folder is to create the note at the leftmost level (call this level 1), then drag it to the desired <level 2 or later> folder.

What I’d like to do is select a folder, then invoke the new-note command and automatically have the new note created in that folder.

A better way to get this same effect would be to select the folder, then invoke a command that would treat the folder as if it were the top level of the vault (in outliners, this is called “hoisting”). That way, I could continue to create and edit notes without any cumbersome extra steps (like having to drag each note manually into the desired folder).

Is there any way to do this?

Right-click / long-press the folder and select “New note”.

If you generally want to create notes in the current folder (the folder that the active note is in), change Settings > Files & Links > “Default location for new notes” to “Same folder as current file”.


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