Is there a way to store the .obsidian folder outside the vault folder

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I sync my vault with Google Drive as a backup system, but since the .obsidian folder is inside the vault, the Google Drive for Desktop app is always syncing all files, including the changes made in the workspace file when I open a new pane or something like that. For a backup system I don’t need this much information, so I was wondering if there is a way to keep the .obsidian folder outside the vault folder.

I’m trying to do this because when the file is changing so quickly it could cause a problem in the syncing system. So, I would like to keep it outside the vault folder so that I could backup the settings folder only by manually uploading it to google drive

Isn’t this supposed to google drive’s job? Like there must be an option to ignore certain folder. I mean dropbox has such an option, I assume google drive has one too.

I use google drive for a long time and I’ve never seen this feature, but I’ll search more about it and if I find a solution I post it in here

Well, the other option is to use junction, hard links, symbolic links. And see which one works with google drive. Like you make a link of the folders you want to sync from the vault to the google drive folder. Or perhaps the other way around.

I had been wondering this myself, so I just moved the .obsidian file from its vault to the parent vault.(double-checked it was deleted from vault_A)

Previous Folder structure

So in Obsidian with Open folder as vault I open My_Vaults instead of vault_A

  • vault_A inherits any plugins etc. from My_Vaults
  • By syncing vault_A (NOT My_Vaults) you avoid ¨…changes made in the workspace…" as the file is in the folder above it.

Any major changes to .obsidian such as new plugins you will now either have to sync manually OR change your sync occasionally from vault_a → My_Vaults.
This was just a quick test and I’ve switched back whilst pondering the implications.



“Choose Sync only these folders to specify what to sync”

from …

To store the .obsidian folder outside the vault folder is useful to share configuration between vaults. This is not supported by sync.

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