Is there a way to show parental relationship through the graph panel?

Hello, I am new to obsidian and still learning about some features about it.
As the title describes, this problem is related to my mythodology on notetaking:
when I created a .md file, I usually use it to represent a single idea(parent), and use a top level header to represent it. Then I use other low level header to represent describers(children) for that idea.
For example, I use mathmatical idea “series” as a top level header, and use “series math”, “series properties”, etc. to describe it.
The problem is that, I want to have a clear view about what children live in a single parent idea, something like outline, parent-child relationship.
I am not sure if I can do this through the graph panel, as far as I know it can only show links towards other .md files.
If that’s not possible, what technique can I use to achieve my goal?
Thanks for help!

As far as I understand it, what the graph shows are the linked references that relate to the file which by nature are other .md files if you have created them as pages.

You could make each header a link to a page and embed the content from the main page on the header page or vice versa. I do this for course notes so each class or meeting has a page but I can look at them all on one page sequentially. It’s an work around but all I can think of at the moment. Any thoughts?


[[Heading 1]]

![[Heading 1]]

Or you could embed the test from the main page if you want to type all on one page:

Main page

Heading 1

Loren ipsum…

Then on Heading 1 page

![[##Heading 1]]

You could also nest page embeds and then your highest level page would contain the entire embed and the graph should show the relationships.

Thanks, I will try that to see if it works convenient for me.