Is there a way to remove a like from the feature request that I liked before?

What I’m trying to do

Remove my like (upvote) from this feature request Highlighting/annotation of PDFs as a core feature of Obsidian?. No longer think it’s needed and it may make Obsidian performance worse.

What I’ve tried

Clicking the button but it doesn’t allow me to remove the like.

Just click on the like button again.

Sorry should have clarified that I couldn’t do so. I’ve edited the post.
Can you do that? I’ve tried it with a different browser and still couldn’t click the button.

Oh you are right, it’s not possible. I’m sure it was possible before.

Anyways, just leave it as is. You really don’t have to worry about the performance side of Obsidian. Keeping Obsidian highly performative is the highest principle of the developer team. If they ever implement that feature request then I have the utmost confidence that it will work smoothly.

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Not after a certain time has passed.

@nhanjkl I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I think the developers use popularity as a rough guideline, but they have their own roadmap and priorities. One vote is not going to make a very big difference.


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