Is there a way to quickly remove links from selected text?

If I select either a wikilink or regular MD link in live preview, it selects the whole link. If I had a links like these: [[text]], [text](link), I’d want to be able to select them and press a command to quickly remove them and just have text.

I found the Text Format plugin with the commands to remove wikilinks and remove URL links. I created a macro with Commander to run and assigned a hotkey to that. So now I can select text and press a hotkey to remove the link whether its an external link or a wikilink.


I have set up something like 7-8 quick fixes I usually need to execute on my texts. They usually involve simple regular expressions which can be run on the whole document or on the selected text. One of them was this link removal fix.

It is the Regex Pipeline and Apply Patterns plugins that I recommend checking out.
I have set up buttons as well for some of them on the Editing Toolbar plugin’s menu.
This customizability of Obsidian is very cool indeed.

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