Is there a way to not show "pasted image"? It looks dirty asf

Things I have tried

I am new to this, just started using this since yesterday. I don’t want to use Joplin thus came across this.
So, I don’t have much idea about it. But I can tell you that it looks really dirty.

What I’m trying to do

If you hover your text cursor on the image, you will get a something like this ![[imagename]]. You just need to remove the “!”. That way you cannot see the image directly on the note.

that’s useless then. the reason for my usage of this software is i read lots of ebooks before preparing my notes(writing it down with hand) so i write all these stuffs in obsidian(i used to use notepad and editpad) …i’d keep using notepad but they don’t have this image pasting facilit. i need to see that image instantly, because i am making notes using that image as soon as i finish writing them…i should go back to joplin(i hate that for religious reasons so i want to use this software).

Put attachments in a dedicated folder. I use “attachments”. Then you don’t see them.

Having a dedicated folder to store all the attachments(pasted images) is the easiest way to avoid the clutter.