Is there a way to mirror content / tasks in multiple notes?

Is there a way to mirror content / tasks into multiple notes?
I’d like to keep my project tasks in my project notes, but sometimes I also like to mirror these tasks into my GTD note, preferably mirrored. With mirrored I mean: if I update the content in 1 note (or mark as ‘complete’), it gets updated in the other note to which it is linked.

Is that possible?
Any alternatives to this scenario?



I use Obsidian Tasks for this.

Lots of ways you could set up your system. At the moment I have a work tasks note and a home one. Tasks can collect from these (or anywhere in your vault) and show them in other notes, eg just to show tasks due today in your daily note. You can complete them anywhere.

I also use Kanban for larger projects.


That is looking promising. I’ll have a look this weekend and get back here


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