Is there a way to make a Prompt only with Numbers allowed?

What I’m trying to do

I want to make a Prompt that only allows Numbers in there (like you restrict a Prompt only use certain Characters).

Things I have tried

First I searched in the Docs for a way to achieve this but the normal Prompt function does not allows that. Also I tried to search for an unusual way to achieve this by using some tricks but I found nothing that talks my Issue. I also thought to make my own user script but I don’t have experience with it as well.

See Inline scripts - QuickAdd and inputPrompt and infoDialog. Basically you just transform your problem to a JavaScript code where your send infoDialog in case of non-numeric values. The approach should be accessible to you if you just modify this code to check if input is numeric:

const input = await this.quickAddApi.inputPrompt("✍");
return `Input given: ${input}`;

Look at the Modal Form plugin – must be installed via BRAT: danielo515/obsidian-modal-form: Define forms for filling data that you will be able to open from anywhere you can run JS (

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