Is there a way to jump to end of current formatting without using arrow keys

Things I have tried

When I’m typing a word and go to italicize or bold it with CMD + B or CMD + I, pressing Tab doesn’t jump to the end of “**” and instead indents the line. Is there anyway to change this?

Not that I know of. But, you could make a feature request if you don’t get any solutions here. Being able to set a hotkey to set the cursor immediately after the formatting region it currently is within would be quite helpful. I probably wouldn’t want to use Tab as my hotkey personally, but I would support the request with a like for sure.

Good luck!

The community plugin Tabout is capable of doing this (:


very cool how i can set it for highlight? what environment i should choose? for that, also what is math environment? i know strong and em being html tags but can get the rest of the stuff

This exact functionality was what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

I’m not familiar with other Markdown editors, is there a way that they tend to do this? I just assumed it would be similar to editing code in an IDE where if you type something like

print("this is a test")

and your cursor is right between t and ", that you could press tab to ‘escape’ whatever special characters you were ‘inside’ without having to type them an additional time.

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