Is there a way to invoke the spell check choices with the keyboard?

I have the spell check plug in turned on. It underlines incorrectly spelled words. However, unlike other programs, I cannot find a way to invoke the spell check corrections via the keyboard. As an alternate example, if I am in Ulysses and the curser is placed at the end of a misspelled word, a menu appears and I can use the arrows to select the correction. In most of macOS, I can place the curser at the end of a misspelled word and hit command+fn+F10 and the autocorrect selections are displayed and selectable via arrow keys. Am I missing the shortcut on Obsidian? Neither of the above methods seem to work for me.


No, I don’t believe that’s possible right now. The spell checker is still a work-in-progress.


Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

any updates on this? I imagine it would be similar to the way Vim does it.

I’m also looking for this option