Is there a way to have sub-tasks?

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What I’m trying to do

My tasks often involve a number of sub tasks . In my notes I would put the sub tasks under the main one, indented a level

Things I have tried

This is exactly what you can do - indent by pressing the tab key and your task will automatically become a subtask.


Nope. Those are no subtasks - those are just indented tasks. Maybe it looks like it was a subtask but it’s just a new task :: indented. There is no relation to the task above.

Well, it depends what you want to achieve - the OP wasn’t very concrete in his/her description.

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Well if you mean an actual relation to each other, then I guess the simple answer is no. Not without a plugin. Tasks in core Obsidian are basically just checkboxes.

What I do these days is use the Kanban plugin. (There are others too.)

The kanban cards are my main “tasks” or projects. And then I turn the card into a new note. And inside those notes, I keep “subtasks”.

Then with Dataview, I collect all the tasks that are inside notes that are linked from that Kanban board. And sort by note. So I have a list of all my tasks, in a sub-relation to each card in my Kanban. I put that note in my right side pane, and pin it.

That’s just my approach, and it works for me. The downside is that I haven’t yet figured out how to also sort or filter by Kanban status.

yea, but when I want to show all open tasks in another file, then it doesn’t show the task>subtask hierarchy

not done
no due date 
description does not include #migrated 

Can the Kanban plugin show tasks in table/database format like Notion?

If you use dataview, it will show the hierachy. What method/plugin are you using to show your open tasks in another file?

the tasks plugin I think.

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