Is there a way to get the footnotes to be formatted in the reading view like they are in the editor view?

I don’t really understand why the footnotes function like this:



All I want is for them to look the way the do in the Editor view with “custom” names, not automatically styled numerically (or ignored altogether). Is this possible? If not, why is it even formatted at all in the Editor view?

  1. it would be best to provide textual inputs so others can repro rather than just screen grabs.

  2. Your footnote keys don’t match. For example “custom” is not the same as “custom footnote”. They need to be identical if you want the footnote to show up in the rendered view (Reading).

  3. Footnotes are going to render with ordinals (numbers) at the reference site and display as a numbered list at the bottom of the page. That’s how markdown footnotes work. Also, see the obsidian docs on footnotes

There are no whitespaces in front of the footnotes, it’s automatically formatted to look that way (I can track down the specific CSS snippets if needed). The only thing needed to reproduce this is basically just to make a footnote that isn’t a number. I could be wrong but I feel like it’s pretty self explanatory, I’m sure what other steps need to be described.

I’ve read the docs and see that this is just how markdown formats footnotes so what I’m really wondering is if there a workaround that anyone is familiar with (perhaps with CSS)

sorry, re-read my point #2 (edited), the issue isn’t whitespace, your footnotes aren’t formed correctly

And the confusion on whitespace is exactly why providing the textual input is helpful. It’s not obvious the whitespace is just styling.

I want my footnotes to be able to display “a.”, “note 1.”, “custom note.” etc. instead of just “1.”, “2.”, “3.” Is that just not possible?

it’s not possible using markdown footnotes; that’s how markdown footnotes work. If you want something else, markdown allows you to insert arbitrary html.

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