Is there a way to get HTML entities such as & to render in edit mode?

I use greek characters and arrows quite a bit in my note taking, but html elements like α and ↑ do not render in edit mode. Is there any way to get these to render in edit mode like markdown elements, or is it not possible? Are there other ways to insert greek and other special characters quickly and easily?

↑ might be of interest to you. A lot of those HTML elements won’t render in editing mode, but the unicode equivalents should be fine.

α “α” U+03B1 Greek Small Letter Alpha Unicode Character
“↑” U+2191 Upwards Arrow Unicode Character

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Thanks! That solves my problem.

I have a note with a collection of unicode symbols and characters I use every so often. Open the note → copy → paste. That works out.

If you’re using them every day, something like could work as well.

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I’m using templater with a folder of notes with just the one character and and a hotkey shortcut to insert the template. So Alt-a for instance will insert the small greek alpha. It’s quite handy.

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