Is there a way to format/highlight date string?

What I’m trying to do

I was trying to switch from logseq to obsidian. However obsidian does not have a specific calendar system by default (and I don’t want to make it complicated like power users out there).
What I usally do is just a simple timestamp like

- Posted a question in obsidian forum 2024-03-29

But I want the date to pop out automatically. Maybe a highlight, a color, instead of plain text.
I was hoping for some custom css magic that does this.

Things I have tried

I tried using double square brackets like [[2024-03-29]], which will then create a new page for me. But I really just want a timestamp instead of an empty page.

I’ve also tried using tags #2024-03-29, but I think it’s not how tags suppose to work. It will eventually f’d up my tag management.