Is there a way to extract a text into a new note and have YAML properties from template

What I’m trying to do

Hello folks. I’m trying to extract sections of a certain paragraph into a new note with a pre-existing template’s properties. This is because I want my new notes to be consistent and have YAML frontmatter automatically. I thought about the possibility of using something like templates to achieve this as I still want to have the flexibility of choosing a different property template to choose from.

Things I have tried

I have tried using the Note Refactor plugin but it just didn’t work for me and it feels a little stiff to use; I want to have the flexibility of using different YAML frontmatters without having to change them manually in the Note Refactor plugin setting.

If you make a template containing only properties, they will be applied to the current note when you trigger the template. So you would use the Note Composer core plugin (or Note Refactor) to extract the text to a new note, go to the note if you’re not already there, then trigger the template.

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I never knew that the core plugin, Templates, had this kind of functionality, @CawlinTeffid . If you try doing the same with Templater it just merely inserts the entire file directly where your cursor is at.

But the Templates core plugin, merges the new properties into the old frontmatter very nicely. Cool feature of the core plugin!


Likewise with the above user, I never knew our core plugin had that functionality! I over-complicated the solution it seems. Thank you