Is there a way to expose a Vault on the web for the public

Hi, I’d like to organize some dance information on my website, but present it using obsidian as the knowledge database for them to traverse?

Is there a way to do this? Or some other software that would be recommended (my website is in Python/Django).


If you take a look at Obsidian’s Pricing Page, you will see a section titled ‘Publishing’, which is about an upcoming service that will allow you to publish your vault online.


Thank you! So cool!

Hey @DavidL What you’re asking about is commonly referred to as a “digital garden” for public learning. I had some trouble wrapping my head around it, so I have a post that you may be interested in reading. There were some excellent contributions to the post, which you can find here: Understanding digital garden creation with Obsidian. Particularly helpful to me was the detailed comment by @ShaneRobinson, which you can find here.

As @icouto said, a public publish feature is on the development plan and given the speed at which the Obsidian devs are working, I imagine it will hit beta within a few weeks. But the above post may give you some options in the meantime.

I have opted to wait for Obsidian because I really want to support this platform, although I may try an alternate approach for learning purposes.

Here are a few related links you may want to check out, as well:

Public Note Collection Examples

Curated list of Public Zettelkastens / Second Brains / Digital Gardens

“Obsidian+Github Pages” for digital gardeners?

Good luck.


Thank you Renerodriguez!

You understand exactly what I am asking :). It is super helpful to even have the vocabulary so that I am able to google (“Digital Garden”).

This site is exactly it, and he provides a recipe:

I’m not in a rush, but if Obsidian isn’t ready in the next 4-6 months, then I’ll start with the above.

Thank you so much!!!

You’re welcome, @DavidL. Yes, Mental Nodes is the ‘digital garden’ that got me on this path. By the way, the owner of Mental Nodes is not a man. Her name is Anne-Laure Le Cunff. She’s a brilliant writer and a neuroscience student. She’s very prolific in her writing. If interested, you can find her on Twitter, and her own very popular blog, Ness Labs.. Good luck, and make sure to post your notes here when you have them up! :slight_smile:

Great idea

Will there be options for sharing to the public vs to specific people?

@renerodriguez @DavidL I just found this project on GitHub and will be playing with and expanding on it this week:
Eleventy Garden :

If you know how to use Node.js locally, your Obsidian vault would live in the /notes folder.
You could host it free on Netlify.
Whenever you added a Note or made a change, you’d just push it via Git and it would be live online in <1 minute.


This thread seems resolved, but it also contains useful information. I’ll move it to “Obsidian” (default category) rather than “Resolved help” to make it more discoverable.

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