Is there a way to download my entire Publish wiki?

Hi all,

I’m looking at paying monthly for Publish, but it’s important to me that I can download my entire project’s “wikipedia-style” Publish site and use it offline, back it up, etc… for example, in case Obsidian gets hacked. We’re talking like 7 years of my work I’ll be putting into this thing, and although I have it all stored haphazardly and backed up in other sources, I want to put it all into an easy to read “wiki” type thing.

So my question is, does Publish provide a native tool for DL’ing my entire site, or is there a reliable/easy to use 3rd party tool for DL’ing my Publish site?

Thanks for any help.

Have a look over the Publish documentation. Your notes are always local first. You simply publish or unpublished them.

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