Is there a way to display content from multiple vaults in a single graph?

Hello together!

I am new to Obsidian and am currently trying to learn the logic and usage of Obsidian. In order to use it to develop my way of using Obsidian.

Is there a way to display content from multiple vaults in a single graph? Including the option to turn individual vaults on and off in the display. Basically what already exists within one vault - overall view and local graph - extended across multiple vaults.

Thanks for any helpful information.

I think the main concept of Obsidian is that a vault is a self contained unit, and shouldn’t/doesn’t know of stuff outside the vault.

So the question then rather becomes, why do you want to collate information from other vaults into another vault? Should these instead be parts of the same vault? Do you have the appropriate organisation of your data in the current setup?

From a technical point of view, it’s doable using Javascript and various hacks, I reckon, but the solution would most likely not be cross-platform and it will most likely be a kludge and a nightmare to maintain.

Thanks for your answer.

Currently I’m thinking about how to organize my “second brain” in the best possible way before I add any big content. Possibly because I lack experience with Obsidian, I’m tempted to differentiate the vaults by “personal”, “professional”, and so on.
My original question arose from the assumption that there will probably be content that cannot be clearly assigned to only one of the areas, or that the content of one area could also be related to content in the other area.

Should I store everything in only one vault?

Perhaps the more experienced among you can report on how you organize your “second brain” with Obsidian. Many thanks in advance.

If you nest all your vault folders inside another folder and then open that folder as a vault, you will be able to see the content of all your vaults in a single graph.

But since they are separate vaults underneath, there will be no links between files in different vaults, so I’m not sure what you’d gain by doing that.

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