Is there a way to create template "blocks" (rather than full pages)? [solved]

I love that I can create templates for new notes in Obsidian. However, is there a way (maybe a plugin?) to create a template for just a section of a note?

For instance, something like:

Favorite animal:

It’d be great if I didn’t have to type all that out every time.

(If this functionality doesn’t exist, I’ll add it to the plugin ideas forum)

Type that into a separate template and give it a name. When you are ready to insert just hit the Insert template button and select that template. It will be inserted at your cursor.


The alternative to @greasemonkey’s suggestion is to use a text expander app. Either will work in your use case. The advantage of a text expander app is you can use it in other apps.

Super, thanks so much! Works like a charm.
@dknight212 that’s a good point, I’ve been meaning to look into a text expander app for non-obsidian-specific snippets anyway. I’ve heard espanso is a good one, so I may give it a shot.

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