Is there a way to copy/paste the outline?

Things I have tried

I tried with a css snippet that I saw in Discord but it doesn’t do anything.

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a Book Index, with all of the various headers from each of the relevant chapter notes.

So far I’m opening a chapter note, and manually dragging each of the header links individually into my Main Index. It’s taking way too long.

I want to copy the info in Outline and paste it into my main book as wikilinks.

Here’s the lovely outline of one of the chapters…

and here’s me manually dragging each link from there into my main Book Index:

The Table Of Contents community plugin might help.

CawlinTeffid, Thanks for that recommendation. I probably should have said that I did try it out and couldn’t quite get what I needed with it.

So, I’m trying to picture your steps here. Copy one line from outline to book, add [[ ]] around the entry, go back to the outline, and repeat?

no need to add [[]]. You can just drag each line of the Outline into a new page and the wikilink is auto created. You just have to do it one item at a time… The best way is to pin the book index on the left, then open the ‘chapter’ page and select Open Outline from the … menu. That will link the ‘chapter’ page and permanently display it’s outline. I then move the outline to the left of the linked page so that it’s right next door to my ‘book’ index, and just drag and drop. I just wish I could “select all” and “paste”!

How did it fall short? I haven’t used it myself. It looked like you might create a table of contents and then cut it out of the note and paste it into the index.

It does more than I needed and I couldn’t figure out how to just display the file’s outline the way Obsidian does. I think it shows all links to the file or something.

If I understand you right (after trying it myself), the problem with the Table of Contents plugin for you is that it makes fragment links ([[#Heading]] instead of [[Note name#Heading]]) that won’t work when you move them to a different file.

I think this will do what you want:

  1. Run the Create table of contents command in the file you want to copy the outline from.
  2. Use Search & Replace to change [[ to [[Note name in the table of contents.
  3. Cut the table of contents and paste it into your index.

It’s not totally elegant but it should be faster than dragging links one by one.

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