Is there a way to copy hotkeys between the vaults?

I did a search but did not find it yet – is there a way to copy the hotkeys across two vaults? I have created keyboard shortcuts in one of my vaults and would love to use the same in my second vault. Hoping there’s an easy way to copy the shortcut settings.


You can copy the .obsidian/config file in the vault root which contains the hotkey settings. The folder may be hidden… (Cmd+Shift+.) will show the folder from Finder on a Mac (I don’t know about Windows :sweat_smile:).


Thanks, @nbgoodall – I saw that file earlier which has general settings but not the hotkey info. I may have overlooked it. Appreciate your help. Trying it now!!

Update: That did the trick, thanks!


If you’re on MacOS: I suggest moving the hotkeys file somewhere central and making a symlink that you copy into the vaults .obsidian folder. Now if you change your hotkeys in vault, this central file will get updated and consequently every other vault that has a symlink to it.